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SOSDD - Panthers @ Seahawks

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

SOSDD, that's Same Old Shit Different Day. Another blown lead, another loss, another plethora of questions regarding the Hawks inability to close out games.

Let me say this, give it up for the Panthers - Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Jonathan Stewart, Kuechly and Davis. They played lights out. Including Stewart who ran extremely hard and placed their offense in good position several times in the game. They came to play when it mattered. So good game, I tip my hat to you gents. Now to the Hawks. As Justin and Gee on 710 ESPN Seattle would categorize it, here are my entries for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

Jimmy Graham and Cliff Avril.

Yay, we finally got to see the Wilson to Graham connection and it was glorious. Two of the his eight catches came on grabs where he and Russ improvised and broke off the route for large gains. Cliff Avril played a hell of a game. He was supplying pressure, making plays in the backfield and was wreaking havoc on Cam.

The Bad

Darrell Bevell and Justin Britt. Darrell Bevell, can we just cut this clown? I mean really?! We had 14 3rd Downs and he chooses to pass the ball on ALL 14!! On the 3rd Down and 2 of the 3rd offensive possesion, you RUN the Ball. Granted, Lynch's average up to that point was averaging just over 2 yards a carry. So run it!

My biggest gripe came late in the 4th quarter. The Hawks with a 23-20 lead and Bevell in all is infinite wisdom calls a pass on first down. First one, okay, it went to Jimmy when he broke off his route. But the play after that, he calls a playaction which Lynch gets flagged for a hold. My question is, why not just give the ball to Lynch?! It's first down with 3:05 to go, give it Beast , live for another down and milk the clock. What could be 2nd down and whatever, it's now 1st and 20 which then another pass is called and results in Russ scrambling and thowing it away, stopping the clock for the Panthers. Then on 3rd and 20, Britt does not peel off his combo block with Lewis and let's Davis go free for the sack. Justin Britt needs to go! He's failed as a tackle, he fails as a guard. There were two plays on the 1st drive where he completely whiffs on a block on Luke Kuechly who in turn makes the play. HawkBlogger goes into great detail about our offensive line situation and how Britt had the lowest rating of any offensive tackle last year. You can read the article here. Throw in Glowinski, Bailey, somebody! But Britt needs to go. The Ugly

I hate to say it, but I gotta go with Richard as in Sherman, not Richard as in Kris. First off, if he does not make that hold in the 1st quarter, that would have been 3rd and 20 after the Rubin sack. Instead, the Panthers drove down the field and took it in for 6. Sherman is an All-Pro Cornerback. There is NO reason to even be grabbing on Philly Brown's jersey! Then, the miscommunication that broke everyone's heart. If there was confusion of the signs coming in, why not just call a time out to get things sorted out? The Hawks had all three timeouts. Sherman went to say that with everything going on he just had to assume Earl got the call. One should never assume. I have every bit of confidence that the Hawks can turn it around. Shit, they can still win the division. I honestly believe that but something, SOMETHING, needs to change. The Hawks usually play their best with the backs against the wall and backed into a corner. Let's see if the dog still got its bite.

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