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Self-inflicted: 49ers @ Seahawks Recap

Dropped passes, missed assignments, bad throws and reads - the Seahawks offensive production struggled against the 49ers with self-inflicted errors.

Watch our All 22 breakdown versus the 49ers below:

D'Oh! Line

Courtesy of Seahawks.com

Plain and simple, Odhiambo and Glowinski need to be benched. They have not shown anything on game film that is deserving of a start against the Titans.

Glowinski was highlighted on multiple occasions getting beat while in pass protection during the live broadcast against the 49ers . The game film as shown above just shows how terrible his play has been. Through the first two weeks, Glowinski has an overall Pro Football Focus grade of 31.9, near the very bottom of all starting Guards.

It has been even worse for Odhiambo, who just can't seem to get his feet under him. Two weeks ago, he was flattened by Nick Perry. Last Sunday, he was ran over by Aaron Lynch. This week he faces another fierce front that includes Brian Orakpo, Jurrell Casey, and Derrick Morgan. Odhiambo's PFF grade through two weeks is an abysmal, 25.9.

Rees Odhiambo's 2017 Pro Football Focus Grade

I can respect that Pete Carroll and Tom Cable don't quit on their guys by allowing them the opportunity to compete for their jobs and develop. However, that does not mean these guys should be allowed to develop while being in the starting lineup. I get that's how guys develop is through actual game experience, however, there has to be signs of improvement not degradation to justify the allowance of opportunity for these guys to develop while being on the starting lineup.

Is Ethan Pocic the answer? No. Against the Vikings, Pocic showed no push and could not maintain proper leverage in run blocking. He was also beat around the edge several times while in pass protection. Pocic's best tape came when he's at Center, a position he excelled at while at LSU.

For week 3 and possibly going forward, I would like to see Tobin and Aboushi in place of Odhiambo and Glowinski.

Jimmy Graham = Harvin 2.0?

Another frustrating aspect of the offense has been the lack of production from their Pro Bowl tight end, Jimmy Graham. Some fans have blamed the system, others have blamed Bevell, others have blamed Jimmy himself. There may be some truth in all those things. When Percy Harvin was traded to the Seahawks, the fans were excited to get a 'big-play' explosive wide receiver. Then what happened? When Percy was injured, the team continued to win without him. When he was healthy (somewhat healthy), fans wanted to see more of Percy. When he got the ball, fans got on their feet to FINALLY see Percy in action, even if was the smallest thing. Fans wanted to see Percy get the ball and wanted Bevell to find ways to get him the ball. Bevell tried and what happened? The offense suffered. Passes felt forced, plays were called repeatedly to get Percy the ball - screens and jet sweeps, even though they were ineffective. That same 2014 team began to flourish after Percy was traded, even going to the Super Bowl that same year. Is Jimmy Graham Percy 2.0? With Jimmy Graham on the team (2015-2017), the Seahawks are 17-11-1 (Winning percentage of 59%). Without Jimmy Graham for the last 5 games of 2015, the team went 4-1 (Winning Percentage of 80%). Sure, it's a small scale by comparison, but the team shows that it CAN win without Jimmy. Also, after Jimmy's injury in 2015, Doug Baldwin's TD production went from 3 TDs through the first ten weeks to 11 TDs in the final five, up nearly 400%. In my previous blog post, I stated how I did not believe by trading Jimmy Graham for an experienced offensive lineman could make a positive collective difference to this offense. After the game against the 49ers, I am more open to trade for a top offensive lineman or several top draft picks. Remember, keeping Jimmy Graham is costing this team's cap $10M - $625,000 per game in 2017. His stats so far this year, 4 Receptions, 9 yards, and 0 TDs. Return On Investment seems dire at this point. If you watch the tape, Jimmy has no separation in his routes and struggles in his run blocking. As showcased in the All 22 breakdown, you see Russell looking to throw to Jimmy even though Luke Willson is open on the other side of the field. Currently this season, we're banking on the POTENTIAL that Jimmy brings rather than actual production.

If the Seahawks are able to move the ball and get some scores against Titans without Jimmy in the lineup, you can bet that John Schneider will be seriously fielding offers come Monday morning.

What About Eddie?

What do we do with Eddie Lacy? After being deemed a 'healthy scratch' against the 49ers, many are left to question Eddie Lacy's future with the team. Chris Carson has been solidified by many Seahawks fans and football pundits as the #1 back of the Seahawks backfield. Pete Carroll is not ready to let go of Thomas Rawls while CJ Prosise is still thought of as the 3rd Down, change of pace, receiving back. So where does that leave Eddie? At this point, Eddie is nothing more than an insurance policy. If the Seahawks were to trade or cut Eddie, it would result in a cap savings of $2M for 2017. I can only see the Seahawks trading Eddie for future draft picks, rather than releasing him straight up. As long as Thomas Rawls is healthy, expect to see Lacy sidelined as a 'healthy scratch' going forward.

Final Thoughts

Although the offense was able to sustain several offensive drives, including two that could have resulted in TDs, it still would not hide the overall bad performance of the offensive line even if those TDs occurred. The way the offense can be more successful is by getting Russell out on the perimeter. More option read, passes off the option read, sprint right option, things to get Russell outside of the pocket. This will help keep opposing defenses honest and prevent defenses from sending the house. As far as the play calling, but I think Darrell Bevell called a decent game. He saw the 49ers defensive line over-commit off the edge, so he began to call more read option that worked. There were other routes that were open and Russell misfired. The offensive coordinator can only do so much. If the players aren't executing, no magical play will help the offensive production.

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