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Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft 4.0

In this installment of the Seahawks Mock Draft, I want to include several variables that includes trades and formulas.

Let's first start off in the trenches as most mock drafts believe this will be the primary target for the Hawks in Round 1.

Rob Staton at SeahawksDraftBlog.com recently spoke of the Trench Explosion Formula which is derived from Pat Kirwan's Explosion Formula which as the name explains, provides the evaluator an idea on how explosive and athlete is. I just want to say Rob Staton has got some awesome content, I highly suggest you check out his work. Great stuff. Anyway, back to my point.

The Explosion Formula is: Explosion = Bench Press Reps + Broad Jump + Vertical

Why these specific tests? Bench Press measures strength, but more important with the combine and the Hawks is the endurance in strength and "punch." Broad and Vertical jump is possibly the most important explosion tests as it will give the evaluator a gauge on the athlete's explosiveness especially out of his stance.

Recently, Tom Cable provided his ideal measurables when it comes to the explosion variables when evaluating his linemen which are 27 (bench) - 31 (vertical) - 9 (broad). The Trench Explosion Formula, takes the

1. Vertical: 31 ÷ 31 = 1 2. Broad: 9 ÷ 9 = 1, cubed = 1 3. Bench: 27 ÷ 27 = 1 4. Added together the ideal score is 3.00

So let's start with the offensive line.

Let's apply the formula to the current Hawks O-line.

Britt, Sokoli Glowinski and Poole all fall in line within the TEF numbers. . All four were also drafted while the rest were either UDFA or recently acquired FA.

Now, let's apply this formula to some of the available OL targets touted in most mocks as possible OL picks.

McGovern, Spriggs and Dahl are potential candidates using the TEF formula. By comparison, Okung had a TEF of 3.37 with Carpenter a 2.72. Now, let's apply the same formula to the D-Line.

Based on the TEF, there are only a few candidates over the ideal 3.00 mark with Rankins and Nkemdiche among the few. So what variable is there? For defense, there is production ratio. It's another formula provided by Pat Kirwan that provides a baseline on a player's on-field production. The formula for defensive lineman and edge players is:

(Sacks + Tackles For Loss) / Games Played

With the production ratio, anything over 1.00 is ideal.

To compare,

Bruce Irvin had a TEF of 3.48 and a PR of 1.98 when he was selected in the 1st Round.

Frank Clark a TEF of 3.24 and a PR of 1.35.

Jordan Hill, TEF of 2.63 and a PR of .98.

Cassius Marsh, TEF of 2.55 and a PR of .74. As you can see, the formulas are not a definitive tool by any means as it's just part of a bigger equation. The other variables is of course, game tape and with the Seahawks, length. They love players with long arms and big hands. Why? For the same reason, combat sports includes it in the fighter's measurables. Why else do you think it's called a "reach advantage?" If a player in the trenches can physically beat you to the punch with his reach, that split second can provide an advantage to both offensive and defensive linemen.

So when taking all this into account, here is my updated mock draft picks. 1st Round #26 Overall - Vernon Butler, DT

Vernon Butler pressures QB

I really like this kid. I looked long and hard at this pick and I'm very comfortable with it when watching him on tape.

He's got a very powerful bull rush and his ball awareness from behind the pocket is superb. I am not too concerned when he pulls up once he knows he can't get a pass rush as he's already looking to bat down a pass in his lane. However, he does have room to improve some of his pass rushing abilities. Once he gets that down, watch out, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Some would point out Butler's TEF of 2.79 and PR of .91. So what's the variable? Length. You can take any athlete and improve his skill set, power and speed, but you can't make him taller or his arms longer and hands larger. Butler has 35 inch arms, 4th among defensive linemen in this draft. Next to Rankins, who'll probably be off the board by this pick, Butler would be my guy.

If Butler not available:

Trade down to 2nd round and more mid or late round picks.

Possible trade down picks:

Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

Shilique Calhoun, DE, Michigan state

Deion Jones - OLB, LSU

Connor McGovern, T, Missouri.

2nd Round #56 Overall - Kyler Fackrell, OLB

My previous mocks listed a lineman in the 2nd round. While I still believe the offensive line is an area of need, I do believe we'll have some options in the next round. Looking at the roster, the Will position is an area of need. Enter, Kyler Fackrell from Utah State. At 6'5", 245 lbs, 33.25" arms, a TEF score of 3.07 and PR of 1.20 he's got the length and athletic ability to fill the Will position.

I actually was teetering between Fackrell and Deion Jones of LSU. Both are very athletic and each has an excellent motor to cover sideline to sideline. I think Jones is a more explosive athlete but Fackrell a better all-around fit for the Hawks and performed better on tape (Compared Jones vs Alabama and Fackrell vs UW). If history repeats itself, drafting a linebacker from Utah State wouldn't be a bad idea right?

If Fackrell not available:

Deion Jones - OLB, LSU

Connor McGovern, T, Missouri

Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State

3rd Round #90 Overall - Sean Davis, S/CB

Sean Davis has been creeping up everyone's draft boards and with good reason.

He's got all the athletic gifts and play intensity that should fit right in with the LOB.

The skill position has a different but equivalent formula to the TEF and that is the Explosion Formula. For the EF, we take the 40, Vertical, Broad, 3-cone and Short-shuttle and divide it by 5. Anything over 5 is excellent. 4.8 and above is ideal. The baseline for the formula was done by taking the averages of all current defensive backs for the Hawks. We then take the athlete's test metrics and divide it by the Hawks average.

The Explosion Formula Baseline: Height: 6'0.5"

Weight: 202

40 yard: 4.45

10 yard split: 1.56

3-cone: 6.88

Broad Jump: 10.44

Vertical Jump: 36.27

Sean Davis Combine Metrics:

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 201

40 yard: 4.46

10 yard split: 1.56

3-cone: 6.64

Broad Jump: 10.5

Vertical: 37.5

Sean Davis EF score is 5.13. Steven Terrell the current FS backup score is 5.06. Earl Thomas did not complete the 3-cone or Short Shuttle so there was no basis for comparison there.

Davis' man coverage is still susceptible at times but you can't deny his tackling ability and ferocity. Look at what he did to Nick Vannett a 260 lbs. TE. He can be an instant star on special teams, particularly punt coverage. I would love to have him be part of the LOB.

If Davis not available:

Joe Dahl, G, Washington State

James Bradberry, CB, Samford

Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

3rd Round #97 Overall - Joe Dahl, G

Dahl does not blow me away as far as physicality and aggressiveness in his run blocking, his pass protection is fairly crisp. With a TEF of 3.06 and 33 inch arms, Dahl fits the profile of what the Hawks search for in an offensive lineman. i think if Dahl can improve his strength, he'll definitely compete in the 53 man roster.

If Dahl not available:

Ben Braunecker, TE, Harvard

Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State

James Bradberry, CB, Samford

Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

4th Round #124 Overall - Ben Braunecker, TE

I'd really like to get Kenyan Drake as a change of pace, 3rd down back to replace Fred Jackson. Everytime I watch Kenyan Drake on tape, all I end up saying is, "whoo, that boy can move." However, by #124, I believe Drake will already be off the board. So in that case, my choice would have to go to Ben Braunecker.

Braunecker has all the talent to be starter at the next level and could be a sleeper in this years draft. He had an excellent combine, scoring high marks in all tests and has good length for the position. While it was reported that Jimmy Graham is on pace to return on week 1 having some insurance won't hurt.

If Braunecker not available:

Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford

Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

Eric Murray, CB, Minnesota

Matt Judon, DE, Grand Valley State

Sheldon Day, DE, Notre Dameh

5th Round #171 Overall - Matt Judon, DE

I really enjoyed watching tape on this kid and I think he's got tremendous pass rushing potential. He does not have dominating power to be a 3-4 run-stopper and needs to increase his strength in order to add a bull rush to his pass rush repertoire. Judon has immediate special teams value and a designated rusher on passing downs.

If Judon not available:

Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington

Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia

Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida

Deandre Elliot, CB, Colorado State

Joe Haeg, OT, North Dakota State

6th Round #215th Overall - Jay Lee, WR

Lee looked very good at the Senior Bowl, looking fluid in his routes during 1 on 1s. Lee possesses a good catch radius provided by his 33 inch arms. Lee falls in line as a typical X receiver and should be able to compete to at least the practice squad at the very least. The Seahawks have expressed interest in Lee having held several one-on-one meetings with the former Baylor receiver.

If Lee not available:

James Bradberry, CB, Samford

Justin Zimmer, DE, Ferris State

DJ Foster, RB/WR, Arizona State

Dadi Nicolas, DE, Virginia Tech

7th Round #225th Overall - Dadi Nicolas, DE - Virginia Tech

7th Round #247th Overall - Lene Maiava, OL, Arizona


Will Parks, S, Arizona

Nick Richter, OL, Richmond

Jacobi Green, RB, Richmond

Peyton Barber, RB, Auburn

Joe Walker, LB, Oregon

Marqui Christian, S, Midwestern State

Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon


Seahawks trade up to slot #15 for Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State. He's an exceptional athlete that could step in immediately at Will. With a TEF of 3.64 a PR of 1.27 and 33 inch arms, the Hawks just might pull the trigger on the Buckeye playmaker.

If Vernon Butler not available, Seahawks trade down to the 2nd round for more mid to late round picks.

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