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Seahawks at 49ers - Hawk22 Takeaways

Seattle's Defense stuffed the Niners all night long to a 20-3 victory in Santa Clara.

The Seahawks returned to form on Thursday - punishing the Niners defense on the ground and smothering their offense on D. The victory was far from perfect but a wins a win and I'll take it.

22 Takeaways @ 49ers 1. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett are having a Pro-Bowl year up to this point. Simply a dominating force at the edge.

2. Through his imperfections, Michael Bennett is worth every penny.

3. Kam Chancellor is an enforcer. Take this little 3 yard run by Reggie Bush. While he doesn't make the tackle, he definitely sets up the play. Watch how he lights up Joe Staley backwards into Reggie Bush. That's 232 lbs stopping 315lbs dead in its tracks.

4. For the offense to be successful, they must continually feed the beast.

5. Keep Tukuafu in front of Lynch. The Hawks were extremely successful when Tukuafu is leading the way for Lynch. The Hawks ran out of I or Offset I 25% of their offensive snaps (including 4th Downs). Out of the I, they ran the ball 17 of 19 times for 103 yards. Which leads to the next point.

6. Running game is their offensive identity.

7. Hawks should continue taking shots deep to Lockett at least once each game.

8. Kaepernick is terrible. I'm sure it may have been more competitive with Gabbert in the game. Then again, it may have not mattered as the O-Line had its share of problems.

9. When the Hawks D is on, they're scary.

10. Holes in the offensive line remain at left guard and right tackle. Those need to be addressed immediately. Maybe Patrick Lewis or Lemuel JeanPierre at guard?

11. Russ was a little off this game. Both interceptions could have been avoided.

Wilson misses Lockett near the sideline where he is wide open.

Russell tries to thread the ball to Baldwin but does not see Brock lurking.

12. The score could have been a lot worse for the Niners if it weren't for Russell's errant throws.

13. Bevell called a good game. I like that he incorporated a lot of 22 personnel and I formation and ran it down their throats. He needs to stick with that formula.

14. LOB was vastly improved. No communication issues present.

15. Hawks-Niners rivalry is done. It's just not as it once was.

16. WTF was up with the turf? Luckily, Russ was not seriously hurt on that slide.

17. There were no improvements in 3rd downs. Hawks were 5 for 13 hovering close to their average at 38%. They currently lead the league in 3rd down attempts at 97.

18. Been impressed with Bruce Irvin's coverage ability. Maybe he should be placed in man coverage duty on tight ends. He was even one on one with Torrey Smith and stayed with him step for step.

19. Cliff Avril was actually able to cover Vernon Davis one one one. I was really impressed with his speed.

20. Brandon Mebane is a hog. 1 or 3 technique, consider that gap owned by Mebane.

21. Sherman was on another one that night. No knock on Sherm, but he seemed really fast at times in man coverage.

22. Penalties, sacks and penalties killed much of the Hawks 2nd half production. If they can clean that up, it would have been a larger blow out.

Some in the media and even fans saw this game as not being "not good enough." The score does not tell the whole story. Should the Hawks have demolished the Niners? I say they did! The defense shut the Niners passing game down and Kap could not do anything on the ground. The true upside for the Niners was Carlos Hyde - a Pro Bowler - in my opinion.

Back to the Hawks, I have been very critical of Bevell's playcalling but I can honestly say, he called a great game - 36 runs/32 pass - going with power formations using multiple tight ends in the run game proved to be a winning formula.

I'm not naive, I know the victory was far from perfect. Mr. Wolfe says it best:

I agree, there's a lot to improve on. We have very inconsistent play at Left Guard and Right Tackle. It was sacks from these areas that killed drives. If the Hawks can address this area(s), their offensive production will greatly improve.

The Hawks have a long week to get rested and plan for the Cowboys. With the potential return of Paul Richardson, Derrick Coleman, Jordan Hill and soon Jeremy Lane, in the next few weeks I am excited for this team and the potential for a late season push. ​GO Hawks.

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