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Same O, Same O - Week 1 Recap @ Packers

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Same ol', same ol', same O-line.

Heading into the regular season, I knew the offensive line would have its share of struggles and challenges, but not to level that was displayed against the Packers. In addition to the line, Jimmy Graham and Tre Madden also had their share of misses as well. The blocking was AWFUL. Video analysis of the offensive line struggles can be seen below:

What can be done to fix the O-line mess? First, I would like to see Aboushi get a start ahead of Glowinski. During the preseason, Aboushi got the opening snaps with the first team and seemed to be a lock as the starter going into week 1. Personally, the start of Glowinski was a surprise given his performances during the preseason did not warrant cause for the starting job. Against the Chargers, Glowinski was manhandled on several plays and missed his blocking assignments. Sound familiar?

I understand that Pete and Tom want to see how their guys will battle through adversity but this has been going on for far too long now. The 'wait and see' process is what the preseason is for and the starting lineup should have been without Glowinski. Also, the topic of trading Jimmy Graham in exchange for an experienced offensive lineman also made its way through various media platforms surrounding the Seahawks. I can see how it would be an enticing proposition - get an experienced line while possibly saving cap space - but I personally would not like that trade to happen. This past game was just a bad game for Jimmy. Chalk it up to that, done. Honestly, I don't think bringing in an offensive lineman here will just suddenly fix the offensive line issues. One man won't make an entire offensive unit collectively better. Against the Packers, there were just too many players making mistakes too often. No team can win that way.

Russell missed throws and reads.

Jimmy missed blocks and catches. Offensive line performed poorly and inconsistently.

Collectively, the offense just needs to perform better, period. On the other side of the ball, it was just the opposite. The defensive line provided pressure while the defensive backfield forced coverage sacks.

Earl Thomas looked superb, flying around the field closing in quickly on several tackles. Minus the play where they got caught by surprise, the defense was solid.

Shaquill Griffin was outstanding in his regular season rookie debut. ProFootball Focus gave the rookie a score of 44.9 but the score does not tell the whole story. Sure, he gave up 6 receptions for 52 yards but he never gave up a score. Also, the catches surrendered by Griffin did not result in a first down in any of the Packers scoring drives.

My prediction for Packers game had the Seahawks losing 16-13. The fact the Seahawks lost was not surprising, but the fashion in which they lost, was.

If the offense does not give up a fumble deep in their territory, Russell connects the pass to Lockett, and Naz Jones' pick six is not called back, that's an entirely different outcome.

The Seahawks have an opportunity to bounce back against the 49ers this week. My prediction: Seahawks win at home 23-9.

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