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Panthers @ Seahawks - Keys To Victory and Score Prediction

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Source: Seahawks.com

Much of the national media has placed emphasis on the records between our Seahawks (2-3) and the undefeated Panthers (4-0)

Let's take a look at the Panthers' opponents and their records - Jaguars, Texans, Saints and Buccaneers - combined record of 4-14. So yes, the Hawks are playing against an undefeated team but comparing records is irrelavent.

Nevertheless, the Panthers always play hard against the Hawks and will still present a good challenge for the Hawks on Sunday. KEYS TO VICTORY

Offensive Playcalling

The Hawks ran the ball effectively last week with Rawls but later seemed to abandon the run altogether in overtime. Bevell called 12 passes on 13 of the the Hawks possession last week. Bevell said that Russell needs to trust his line, that's good advice he should listen to as well. He needs to have trust that his line will provide the push on 3rd downs to pound the rock. I think everyone in the stands will lose their shit if they see the offense in an empty set on 3rd and 1. With Rawls showing he is able to shoulder the load, this should give the Hawks a 1-2 punch in the running game. Wear down the D by being aggressive and physical with Lynch and Rawls.

Tyler Lockett

Let's forget the whole "Jimmy Gimme" issue. If there is anyone that should be given a lock is #16. The rookie has shown he has the speed and agility to beat corners in man press and the awareness to find the holes in zones. I expect the Panthers to blitz and blitz alot against our struggling line. This will leave one-on-one opportunities for our receivers including Lockett. We saw it last week when Lockett got behind the Bengals corners. If Russ throws a better pass, it's 6 points. I say on the very first down of our first offensive possession, come out in I with an intention of running the ball, if the Panthers show a Cover 1 look, check out of it and go deep. This goes back to the playcalling. Don't be predictable. Take the shot if it's there especially to #16. Defensive pressure

It's no secret they will attempt to get Olsen - the Panthers leading receiver in receptons and yardage - in 1-on-1 situations against Kam Chancellor. The Hawks will not do anything different as far as their defensive playcalling. I expect Richard to call a Cover 3 Press and Zones. I would like to see more of rookie Frank Clark in the mix. Possibly moving Bennett inside at the 3 technique and moving Clark outside. Or maybe even a 4-DE subpackage front with Bennett, Clark, Irvin and Avril, utilzing Irvin in a zone blitz. If the Hawks front can get pressure on Cam, Olsen will not be a factor. 12s

Cam said earlier this week, "loud is loud," essentially saying our crowd noise is a non-factor. We'll see about that Cam. Bring the noise 12s!!


Seahawks: 23 Panthers: 12

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