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Hawk22 WAY, WAY, WAY Early Mock Draft

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Since it's bye week, I figured I'd share some of my personal targets and predictions for the 2017 NFL draft. I know it's only October but the NFL starts scouting the moment the previous draft ended. So by those means, I'm behind. :) Let's get started:


Round 1 - Bold prediction - Trade down to round 2 for later round pick. Let's not forget, we lost a 5th round pick, so I'm sure John Schneider will look to trade this pick away for late round picks.


Round 2 - Jarrad Davis - LB - Florida

Height: 6'2" Weight: 240

Games watched: Alabama vs Florida, SEC Championship, 2015 Florida vs LSU, 2015 Florida vs UMass, 2016

Watching Jarrad Davis on tape, several things come to mind - speed and motor. This dude is a 100 mph to the ball. 2016 Heisman trophy winner, Derrick Henry, touted Davis as the most toughest opponent he ever faced in his college career. That should say something about Davis' tenacity. Currently ranked as the #50 overall prospect on CBS sports draft prospects, if the Seahawks trade down to the 2nd round, I believe Davis would make a solid pick somewhere in the in the late 30s or early 40s. He's Florida's signal caller at Middle Linebacker, however, I see him more as a 4-3 Outside Linebacker at the next level. Davis presents immediate special teams value and with Mike Morgan set to become a free agent next year, Davis makes sense.

Strengths: Davis has excellent straight-line speed for his size. Once he diagnoses and sees a play, his pursuit is possibly the best in the country. He also does not stop until the ball carrier is down. Once he engages in a tackle, very seldom do ball carriers break away.

Weaknesses: Block shedding technique needs to improve. Tends to bull rush his way through blocks thus giving up leverage at times. Can be reckless and over aggressive. Would like to see him pursue and breakdown to secure tackles than choosing to run through opponents. Man coverage on agile athletes will be a challenge. as his lateral agility is stiff. I envision Davis competing at the Will position right away as the Sam may be a stretch if Davis is asked to cover the elite TE's in the NFL.

Another prospect I really like watching is Auburn's DE, Carl Lawson.

Height: 6'2" Weight: 260

He has elite get off speed and uses his hands extremely well. He has the body type of a Frank Clark and Cliff Avril and can play the 3 and 5 technique. The downside to Lawson is his health as he's already had a full torn ACL and cracked hip.. However, he's worked extremely hard to get back to form and looks as explosive as ever. CBS Sports Draft Prospects ranks Lawson as #26 overall. However, if he slips to the 2nd round, he just might be another possible target. Look at what happened to Jarran Reed, who was pegged as a 1st rounder in last year's draft. If the same happens for Lawson, I would be thrilled with having the Hawks picking him up in the 2nd.


Late 2nd round, Early 3rd round - James Washington - WR - Oklahoma State

Height: 6'0" Weight: 205

Games watched: TCU vs Oklahoma State, 2015 Pittsburgh vs Oklahoma State, 2016 Texus vs Oklahoma State, 2015

James Washington is an explosive, big-time playmaker. Through 5 games of the 2016 season, he's averaging 20.7 yards per reception with 4 TDs. He finished the 2015 season with 53 receptions, 1083 yards (20.5 yards/rec) and 10 TD. Watching him on tape, I believe the 'Pokes' have a play in their playbook called "Chuck It and F*ck It," sending Washington long and having the QB chuck it to Washinton's direction. More often than not, if he's one on one, he'll win that match-up. He's not a size/speed freak but Washington has the speed to create separation at the top of routes. Strengths: Thick, muscular frame for a Z receiver, looks like a running back. Very good acceleration. Excellent top end speed. Fights through hand contact well and places himself in good position to make the play on the ball. Very good hands, catching the ball away from his body. Possesses excellent leaping ability, catching the ball at its highest point and climbing the ladder during contested throws. Very good after the catch with the speed

Weaknesses: Lacks length to play X. Plays exclusively on the right side of the field in the OKSU Pistol Offense. Route running needs some polishing. Can be out muscled when making catch in a crowd over the middle. Needs to make better effort as a run blocker.

The WR core may be crowded but as our offense evolves, there is always room for playmakers. Washington is definitely one of them. Washington is only a Junior and has not stated if he'll return to OKSU for his senior season. I'll be keeping an eye on Washington as the season progresses.


3rd round - Dan Skipper - T - Arkansas

Height: 6'10" Weight: 331

Games watched: Texas A&M vs Arkansas, 2015

You know how the Seahawks love length in their linemen? You can't get more length than 6'10", Dan Skipper. Skipper has been a part of the Hog offensive line at Arkansas previously opening holes for current Running Back, Alex Collins and the same line that is among the nation's best at sacks allowed. As big as Skipper is, he carries the weight extremely well. He gets to the second level very well, walling off defenders away from the run. While he's currently the Left Tackle at Arkansas, I see him more of a Right Tackle in the NFL. Can you imagine having Ifedi and Skipper on the Right side? You can just get behind that wall all day. Skipper also presents special teams value as he has blocked 7 field goals in his collegiate career.

Strengths: Excellent size and frame. Very strong at the point of attack with excellent hand punch power. Excellent pad level on run sets and is an absolute mauler in down blocks, combo blocks and double teams. Very good awareness, knows when to peel off double teams to tend to a delayed pass rusher. Shows very good athleticism by getting to the second level, enveloping linebackers and walling defenders away from the run. A three-year starter at Arkansas and currently on all preseason watch lists for OL recognition. Faced pro-level competition during collegiate career against SEC opponents. Weaknesses: Pops straight up on pass sets and will struggle against quick, edge rushers or power rushers that are able to get under his pads. Lateral agility will need improvement as he struggles to recover when beat off the edge.

Skipper is fun to watch. He brings that nastiness that Cable looks for in lineman. Skipper may be a mid round steal.


Other Potential Targets Montravius Adams, Auburn, DT Fabian Moreau, UCLA, CB

I know, it's early in the season and I'm sure this list will change along the way. What's some of your favorites?

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