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2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The v1.0 of the 2018 Mock Draft included a potential trade with the Buffalo Bills, #18 for #22 and #96. In this mock, I'll include several possible draft moves that could land the Seahawks out of the 1st round but acquiring 2nd and 3rd round picks in the process.

The first scenario would be the aforementioned trade with Buffalo Bills but also includes a trade with the New York Giants, which would look like: Trade with Bills: #18 for #22 and #96

Trade with Giants: #22 and #141 for #34 and #66

According to the draft value calculator, the trade with the Bills would be equate to: 896/900 = .005% in favor of Seahawks. The trade with the Giants would equate to: 815/820 = .007% in favor of Seahawks.

These moves would move the Seahawks out of the 1st round while acquiring an early 2nd round pick and two 3rd round picks.


Another possible scenario would be a trade with the Panthers, #18 for #24 and #88 (890/900) as well as with the previously mentioned Giants trade. This trade would be similar as far as 2nd and 3rd round acquisitions but would place the Seahawks in a favorable position in the 3rd, moving up eight spots from #96 to #88 in the 3rd round. Surprise, surprise, I have a feeling JS will trade down one more time, possibly with Denver - #34 for #40 and #113 (560/568).This move would add another 4th round pick.

The final pick rundown would look like: 2nd Round/8th pick - 40th overall

3rd Round/2nd pick - 66th overall

3rd Round/21st pick - 88th overall

4th Round/13th pick - 113th overall

4th Round/20th pick - 120th overall

5th Round/9th pick - 146th overall

5th Round/19th pick - 156th overall

5th Round/31st pick - 168th overall

7th Round/8th pick - 226th overall

7th Round/30th pick - 248th overall

Based off this potential draft projection, let's get to it.


2nd Round - 40th overall - Austin Corbett, G/T, Nevada

6'4", 310 lbs

The Wolfpack lineman has been receiving a lot of attention from the Seahawks. The more tape I watch on Corbett, the more I like the kid, and the more comfortable I am with choosing him as the first pick for the Hawks in 2018. The kid has some nastiness behind his hands.

^^ That rep was against potential1st round pick Marcus Davenport, BTW ^^

In a division that has a Rams team with Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, you better have some boys that can jolt guys. Fluker is a known mauler and Corbett has displayed power and nastiness to compete. I think you move Corbett inside at LG and let Ifedi, Fant and Pocic battle it out for the RT spot.

3rd Round - 66th overall - Justin Reid, S, Stanford

6'1", 204 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 1-2

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #63

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 3

Justin Reid could be gone as early as the late 1st to early 2nd depending on how teams view the former Cardinal, BUT, and that's a HUGE BUT, like, Kardashian ass, if Reid is still available by #66, then Reid at #66 makes too much sense. Justin Reid is like Bradley McDougald in that he can play both SS and FS. With the uncertainty of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Reid can battle for either Safety spot.

3rd Round - 88th overall - Justin Jones DT, NC State

6'2", 312 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 4-5

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #168

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 3

Put on the 1 on 1 film between offensive lineman and defensive lineman during this year's Senior Bowl practice and Jones will jump off the screen. His performance was so good that he was the recipient of the 2018 Senior Bowl Defensive Line Practice Player of the Week. Jones is stout, strong, and shows good burst off the line. Jones needs to develop more moves and gameplan in his pass rush but he may have the opportunity to build that as part of a rotation. While the Seahawks may have loaded up defensive tackles, it will not hurt to pick up another DT with potential in Jones.

4th Round - 113th overall - Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State

6'1", 228 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 3-4

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #81

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 4

Featured in v1.0 of the 2018 mock, nothing changes for me here. The Seahawks may look to move on from Prosise and Ballage can be that replacement. He's got homerun speed, kick-return ability and can line up in the slot or out wide and possesses good hands and ability to create after catch.

Did I mention the dude has lined up wide as well?

4th Round - 120th overall - Durham Smythe, TE, Notre Dame

6'5", 257 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 4-5

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #211

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 4-5

Moving up from Round 5 to 4 from v1.0 of the Mock Draft is Durham Smythe. With Luke Willson gone along with the Seahawks desire to establish a running game, the Hawks will need a tight end that can block and Smythe can do just that. Rather than wait for Smythe till the 5th, the Seahawks should move to pick up Smythe in the 4th as there is no other TE past Smythe with his run-blocking ability. Make no mistake, the boy can handle pass catching responsibilities when asked to as well.

5th Round - 146th overall - Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State

6'5", 215 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 5-6

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #94

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 5

In v1.0 of the Mock Draft, I spoke about how the Seahawks should go after a big, redzone target in former FSU WR, Auden Tate, even though I felt he would be gone by the 5th round. In his place in this mock is 6'5", 215 lbs. Jaleel Scott. While Scott may not be as big as Tate, Scott is faster and every bit an ounce a redzone threat as Tate. We've seen how productive the Seahawks offense can be with a big redzone target with Jimmy Graham. Forcing opposing #1 corners to cover Doug Baldwin could open up 1 on 1 opportunities for the 6'5" wide receiver.

5th Round - 168th overall - Jester Weah, WR, Pittsburgh

6'2", 211 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 6-7

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #132

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 6

Back to back WR selections? Yup. While Jaleel Scott can provide his skill set in the redzone, Weah can come in as an 'X' wideout and a replacement to Jermaine Kearse. Weah has size, good speed (4.43/40), reliable hands, and is a route technician. Weah lacks immediate quickness and burst and takes him a little to get going. His arms at 31 1/8" doesn't provide much of a catch radius, but his 38" inch vertical and nearly 11 foot broad jump shows he has explosion in his lower half to get up and get jump balls thrown his way.

7th Round - 226th overall - Poona Ford, DT, Texas

5'11.5", 306 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 7th-PFA

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #134

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: Round 7

Say what you want about his size, Poona can play. If he was an inch taller, there is no way he would last to the 7th round. Scouts feel that Ford will be limited to a penetrating 4-3 3-tech DT. Remind me what type of defense the Seahawks run again? Granted he does not have the greatest length but dude is strong, disruptive, and his motor never stops until the whistle blows. Ford may not be a 3-down option at DT but he doesn't have to be. If he can be as disruptive as he was at Texas as part of the Seahawks DT rotation, then Ford just may be a late round steal.

7th Round - 248th overall - Joe Ostman, Edge, Central Michigan

6'2", 255 lbs

NFL.com Draft Ranking: Round 5-6

CBS Sports Prospect Ranking: #259

DraftAnalyst.com Ranking: N/A

There are some scouts that don't love Ostman's frame - long torso, short legs - don't let that distract you from the fact that Ostman led the NCAA in sacks in 2017 (14). It is true that his body composition does limit some of his pass rush ability - he's not a natural bender, thus, he can't round the corners like Bradley Chubb or Harold Landry. Admittedly, Ostman does kind of look like Rudy running out there. But, Ostman's hands and feet is where he makes his money. Ostman's has excellent hand usage - swiping and swimming his way free from blocks - clearing his path to the ball. He also has one of the sickest spin moves of any draft prospect this year in my opinion. Just like Poona, Ostman's feet never stops, constantly working to get to the ball. We all know that we can never have enough pass rushers, Ostman could add some welcomed competition to a thin DE group.

Priority Free Agent Targets Ryan Izzo, TE

Khalid Hill, FB

Matthew Thomas, ILB

Keith Ford, RB

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