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2017 Seahawks Mock Draft v2.0 and Other Draft Moves

On Friday, February 24, 2017, the NFL announced the compensatory picks in which the Seahawks were awarded 102 and 106 overall.

Therefore, the current draft order of the 2017 Seahawks Draft is: 1st round: 26th overall

2nd round: 58th overall

3rd round: 90th overall

3rd round: 102nd overall

3rd round: 106th overall

6th round: 210th overall

7th round: 226th overall

Given the new information, here is the updated Mock Draft for the Seahawks:


1st round draft targets:

Seahawks Potential 1st Round Picks

The Seahawks need to strengthen the back end of their defense and this years draft will provide plenty of opportunity to do so. In 2016, the Seahawks were in Nickel nearly 70% of the time. With Deshawn Shead still recovering from injury and the trade rumors escalating with Richard Sherman, the defensive backfield should be top priority in round 1.

Jabrill Peppers, Obi Melifonwu, Budda Baker and Kevin King top my list to fill this void in Round 1. The reason being - versatility. All the aforementioned players can play multiple positions in the secondary and have all the physical potential to do so day 1. Jabrill Peppers can play Nickel and either Safety positions and is a return specialist. Obi Melifonwu can play Safety or Outside Corner.

Budda Baker can play Nickel and Safety.

Keving King can play Outside Corner and Safety.

Jabrill Peppers has been placed in various mock drafts in spots as high as #12 overall to #33 overall. Peppers is a baller. He can play anywhere you need him to be. He can play in the box, as a nickel, or deep safety. He's also a very dangerous return man. If by some way he falls to #26, Peppers would be my first choice simply because of his versatility and return specialist value. We've seen what happens when the Seahawks lose Tyler Lockett. Having another dangerous return man would only benefit the Seahawks. However, I honestly feel that Peppers will not slip to #26. If he is gone then the next choice would be:

1st round, 26th overall: Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

At 6'4, 224 lbs., the former UConn standout is often compared to Kam Chancellor based off his size alone. However, with regard to his on-field performance, Obi is no Kam Chancellor. Obi is not a 'banger,' and is not a physical 'set the edge,' type of safety that Kam Chancellor is. Obi won't intimidate receivers or make them think twice about crossing his zone, a reputation that Kam Chancellor has solidified over the years. I personally believe that being a big hitter is just ingrained in a football player. You're either born with it or you're not. Obi is not. That is not saying Obi can't tackle. Obi had a lot of productive years at UConn, a career that accumulated the following totals: Tackles: 212

INT: 6

PD: 12

Obi is not the second coming of Kam Chancellor. He won't bring the same type of hits or be that physical presence Kam has been. But, what Obi lacks of Kam, is also true vice-versa. Kam Chancellor is not the athletic freak that Obi Melifonwu is.

Let's compare their combine results:

Yes, you read that right, a 44-inch vertical, a near 12 foot broad jump and a 4.4 40-yard dash, all at 6'4" 224 lbs!

Kam has often been criticized for his man coverage ability, especially against agile running backs and tight ends. Obi possesses the fluidity and ability to shadow running backs, tight ends and receivers.

In my previous mock draft, I touted Budda Baker as the potential Seahawks 1st pick of this year's draft. While I still think Budda will be a playmaker in the NFL, his size is very concerning with regard to matchups against the elite TEs of the NFL. Also, Budda plays larger than he is, which may take a toll on his health long therm. Size, durability and ahleticism is where I would give the edge to Obi over Budda. Also, Budda does not have natural hands, dropping several INTs over the course of his Huskies career. Obi has tremendous athleticism for a man his size and would present an immense challenge to opposing offenses that think they can just throw it to their larger TEs or WRs. Good luck throwing a fade against a man that is 6'4" with a 44-inch vertical. Given his athleticism and size, the Seahawks may even try Obi out as a Cornerback.

To gain an idea of what the Seahawks look for in a defensive back, I took the measurables and combine results of the current Seahawks DB roster and came up with the following averages:

Height: 6'0.5"

Weight: 202

Vertical: 36.27"

Broad: 10.44"

3-Cone: 6.88

Short Shuttle: 4.21

40-yard: 4.45

To further gauge how a prospect stacks up athletically against the current DB roster, I came up with the 'Explosion Formula,' that assigns a point value per measurable by dividing the prospect's results against the DB average.

For example, the DB average for the 40-yard dash is 4.45. Obi's time was 4.40.

4.45/4.40 = 1.01

1.01 would be Obi's 40-yard 'Explosion' score

I would do this for each test (except bench press)- take the DB average and divide it with the prospect's score. I would then add up all the individual results to come up with a final 'Skills Explosion Number."

The results are telling.

5.00 or better is ideal since this would indicate the prospect would had to have an individual score of 1.0 or better on one or all explosion tests.

Here the results from some of the aforementioned prospects:

As you can see Obi's 'explosion number' was off the charts. Peppers had a lower score as he did not perform two tests.

If Peppers and Obi are gone by #26, then the Seahawks should look to trade down.

Why trade? The Seahawks have no 4th or 5th round selections and money needs to be made on picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. . Who to trade with? The Cleveland Browns are set to have eleven draft picks in 2017, four draft picks in the first 2 rounds alone. According to the pick value calculator at FootballGuys.Com, trading #26 for Cleveland's #33 and #108 pick has tremendous value.

By executing the trade, the Browns would have three 1st round draft picks, while the Seahawks gain an additional 4th round pick.

Under that trade, this would make the Seahawks draft order:

2nd round: 33rd overall

2nd round: 58th overall

3rd round: 90th overall

3rd round: 102nd overall

3rd round: 106th overall

4th round: 108th overall

6th round: 210th overall

7th round: 226th overall


2nd round, 58th overall: Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio

I would draft Tarell just off his name alone, Basham, pronounced 'Bash-Em.' Just kidding, but it is an awesome name with great marketing potential. Basham is this years Frank Clark. If you read and compare their draft profiles, it's very similar - excellent initial burst with power to control the edge. Even their measurables are similar:

With Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett already over 30 years old and with Avril set to be a FA in 2019, it will be a good idea to get another pass rusher in the lineup that can develop over a two year timeline. Basham is not a Day 1 starter, but he would provide immediate value as part of a rotation and would have the opportunity to develop under one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

Other potential targets would be: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina

Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado


3rd round, 90th overall: Nico Siragusa, G, San Diego State

Fits the mold of a typical Tom Cable lineman - 6'4", 319 lbs, 33.5" arms, 28 rep bench press, 32-inch vertical, and 9 foot. Tom Cable has stated he prefers lengthy lineman that can perform 27 bench reps, 31-inch vertical and a 9-foot broad jump. Much like I used a skills explosion formula for the skill positions, I used the 'Trench Explosion Formula' by Rob Staton at SeahawksDraftBlog.com which assigns a 1.00 point value for each of the mentioned tests that meets Tom Cable's value. For example, since Siragusa benched 28 times, Siragusa's BP score would be 1.04 (28/27). Here are Siragusa's TEF score compared to some of the current Seahawks lineman:

As you can see, Siragusa's score falls well within the criteria of previously drafted lineman.

Siragusa also received excellent grades from Pro Football Focus - Ranked 2nd Overall in Pass Block Efficiency and Run Block Success for Interior linemen. I expect Siragusa to compete with Mark Glowinski for the starting LG role.

3rd round, 102nd overall: Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M

Justin Evans

When speaking of Obi earlier, I mentioned how being a big hitter is just ingrained in a person, well, that is a trait that is well ingrained in Justin Evans.

Watching Justin Evans on tape, all I can think of is 'reckless abandon.' He is 100 mph to the ball and has complete disregard to his 6'0" 199 lbs. frame. This was on display during the 2015 matchup against Alabama where he had a ferocious hit against Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry.

If Evans can learn to harness his aggressive play in a more controlled manner, he should fine a way to battle for a SS spot behind Kam Chancellor or even possibly as a starting nickel.

3rd Round, 106th overall: Carroll Phillips, DE/OLB, Illinois

After a very productive Senior season at defensive end - 56 tackles, 20 tackles for loss and 9 sacks, the Illinois product was asked to stand up at Outside Linebacker during the week of the Senior Bowl. It was here where he caught a lot of buzz with attending scouts as he displayed excellent athleticism, speed and coverage ability as an Outside Linebacker. By traditional standards, Phillips does not have ideal size for a 4-3 defensive end (6'3", 242 lbs). But with his athleticism and ability to rush the passer,Carroll will have an opportunity to battle for the SAM position.

6th Round, 210th overall: Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida State

Stevenson is an athletic fullback with good hands and is a very good lead blocker. The Seahawks have not used a lot of I-formation in the last two seasons but given the flexibility they got with Marcel Reece, Stevenson has a chance to take over that role and will provide immediate special teams value.

7th Round, 226th overall: Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo

With Brandon Williams gone to the Colts via Free Agency, Roberts can be a viable option at the 3 TE spot for the Seahawks. At 6'4" 261 lbs, Roberts followed up a very productive senior season at Toledo (45 rec, 533 yards, 16 TDs) with an excellent showing at Senior Bowl week - showcasing his pass catching and blocking ability.

Unsigned Free Agent Targets

Josh Tupou, DT, Colorado

Damore'ea Stringfellow, WR, Mississippi

De'Veon Smith, RB, Michigan

Shalom Luani, S, Washington State

Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State

David Jones, FS, Richmond

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