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2016 Seahawks Mock Draft Round 1 and 2: Pre-Combine

Round 1

Nick Martin - C, Notre Dame

6'4", 296

Arm Length: 32 1/4

Hand Span: 9 5/8

Strengths: Good size. Very Intelligent and Athletic. Shows very good football IQ, calling out protection and understanding where defenders are blitzing. Has excellent feet, mirrors defenders well in pass protection and able to get out quickly and block defenders when pulling and when getting to the second level. Exhibits good toughness as he's played through injuries while at ND.


While good in tight spaces, has room to improve blocking when in the open as he tends to lunge at blocks at times. Had a season-ending knee injury in 2013.

Put on his game film and you'll see right away why the 26th overall pick would make sense for the Hawks. Martin, the younger brother of Pro Bowl Dallas Cowboy Guard Zack Martin, had a very productive career at ND at both guard and center. While he lacks elite strength, he definitely makes up for with his athleticism, technique and IQ. Martin had a great Senior Bowl showing and he's got game tape to back up what we saw. If he has a solid combine, I think no-brainer, Nick Martin should be the 26th overall pick and blocking for Russell Wilson in 2016.


Round 2

Nick Vannett - TE, Ohio State

6'6", 256

Arm Length: 33 1/4

Hand Span: 10

Strengths: Very good size and athletic ability. A good run blocker for and gets good position on defenders and effectively shields them from runners. While not showcased much as a receiver at Ohio State, Vannett has showed good hands when given the opportunity. He's got good speed and route running ability to be contribute in the passing game. Effective when running seams and crossing routes.


Under the system at Ohio State, Vannett was primarily a run blocker, so his route tree may be limited. Just average strength when it comes to run-blocking. Tends to stalk and shade when in the open rather than lock and drive.

Bottom Line:

Cooper Helfet is set to be a Free Agent and of course we don't know where Jimmy Graham's recovery will be come September. A torn patellar can take up to 9 months to recover. Will Graham be fully at 100% come that time? Who knows? I say if we're paying Jimmy $9M in 2016, putting him in IR would not make much sense as that $9M would count against the team's salary cap. Therefore, the Hawks should look to get an insurance policy in a tight end that can catch and block and Vannett embodies these qualities perfectly.

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